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UV Inks Of Lentll New Generation Improves The Better Effect Of Print
Release date:2012-10-28

The quality of flexible print is higher and higher, the percent of UV ink is bigger and bigger. It exists from paper box to self-adhesive labels. With other inks compared, more flamboyant and close work is printed on the media by UV ink through regulation.

However it has a weak point, monomer molecules in UV inks have so similar to those of Photographic plates that they are very easy to be confused and lead to deformation of plates, commonly known as plate expansion. Printing companies can use special method, that deformation is controlled within a certain range for extending the service life of plates, to improve the printing effect. Our company produces continually new UV inks, such as new hybrid or inserted cationic surface active agent of ink and so on, in order to commit Print companies to improve their products and use better UV ink.

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