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  • Product Name:UV/LED ink
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  • Release date:2024-06-13
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Technical Data & Description:



UV/LED-UV ink pigment particle diameter of less than 1 micron, non-volatile organic solvents, low viscosity, non-irritating odor, can ensure that the ink jet printing process in the nozzle without clogging phenomenon, after six months of high-temperature storage test, no pigment pool, sink, and stratification and other anomalies. UV inks that spray that is dry, with the currently on the market for various types of nozzles UV Flatbed Printer match. UV ink jet printing is suitable for metal, glass, ceramics, PC, PVC, ABS and other materials. Ink layer after curing a high hardness, good adhesion, scrub, solvent resistance, high gloss. UV inks available C, M, Y, K, and LC, LM, white, 7 colors, Light Level 7-8 class. Package 1 liter / barrel.


Product Description: uv curable ink Can use for INFINITI / FLORA / TWIN / JHF / DOCAN / ZHONGYE / CRYSTALJET / YISHAN / LIYU / CAIYUN / VUTEK / JET-I / DGI / OCE with Seiko 510/1020、Konica 512/1024, Toshiba, Spectra Polaris512, Epson and other nozzles UV Flatbed Printer.

Bordeaux’s PLASMA UV & UV LED curable inks


Bordeaux’s PLASMA UV & UV LED curable ink is a proprietary ink family for UV printers. Bordeaux’s UV & UV LED curable PLASMA ink offers extended compatibility to a wider range of rigid and roll-to-roll substrates and long-term outdoor durability with superb printing quality. UV LED contrary to standard UV, is based on curing of longer waves of UV light which require less energy to cure thus using less heat, consuming less electricity and prolonging the life of the valuable UV lights installed in the UV printers.

The PLFX™ is a highly durable UV ink which color gamut supports the Eurostandard / SWOP color management systems and exhibits high resolution prints. The UV line is carefully designed to print at high quality and fast productivity, does not require priming and complies with the application versatility of UV printing media on many substrates such as PVC films, metal, glass and more for UV flatbed printers or with substrates suitable for roll-to-roll UV printers.

Bordeaux PLASMA ink is available in 7 or 9 colors including white ink depending on the product. The white ink is characterized by high opacity for use on dark & transparent background. Bordeaux’s white ink succeeded where others failed in terms of performance and opacity.

Bordeaux guarantees up to 24 months outdoor exposure without fading for high durability prints with highest quality color gamut and abrasion resistance for outdoor signage, fleet graphics and billboards.

Unique benefits


  • High gloss
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Instant curing properties for high productivity modes
  • Compatible with most UV printers and printheads
  • Rigid, semi-flexible and super flexible solutions for a wide range of applications and Media
  • No flushing required
  • Eliminates ICC profiling
  • Environmentally oriented: no VOCs


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