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  • Product Name:Challenger SK4
  • Product Specifications:
  • Release date:2024-06-13
  • Features:

Technical Data & Description:

Original Challenger SK4 Solvent ink.Developed by SPT (SII Printek) and Fei Yeung Union jointly for SPT printhead specially. With raw materials imported from Ciba and Claent at 7-8 level light fastness, ground to nano level and double filtered to less than 0.45 picometer ,which provides over 1 year outdoor durability.

Model Number: Challenger SK4 ink
Product Description: Challenger SK4 Solvent ink Can use for Infiniti/Phaeton/Challenger/GongZheng/Zhongye/Crystaljet with Seiko 255/12-35pl、510/35-50pl、Seiko1020/35-50pl printhead printer.
1. original SK4 Solvent ink.
2. guarantee in outdoor 1 year
3. with good fluency
4.will not blocking printhead



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