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  • Product Name:Phaeton SK4
  • Product Specifications:
  • Release date:2024-06-13
  • Features:

Technical Data & Description:

Model Number: Phaeton SK4

Product Description: Phaeton SK-4 Solvent ink Can use for infiniti/phaeton/challenger/gongzheng/zhongye/crystaljet with seiko 255/510/1020-12pl/35pl/50pl printhead printer.

 Phaeton sk4 Ink:
Our SII SK4 inks are specially produced for Seiko SPT 255/510/1020-12pl/35pl/50PL printer users and certificated by Japan Seiko SII Printek Company. High quality is ensured.

* Vibrant, brilliant colors
* Excellent color gamut
* Color and density consistency between different batches
* Good outdoor durability.
* Minimum maintenance whether the printer is in use or idle
* No clogged nozzles thus ensuring better print quality
* Less wear on the print heads
* Competitive price

1. Can help you to finish substantial task and the picture can be printed out as expected
2. During Survey shows that the ink for weathering resistance is the same as that for other brand's under the same condition
3. The most competitive price will gain more orders from your customers
4. Environmental protection type is no odor and no poison for the product can preserve environment.
5. It can meet your selected media demand with large compatible capacity
6. It can support all kinds of RIP version software, And specialized persons can offer you all kinds of ICC Curve files and can meet your different Media's demand scheme.

Developed by SPT (SII Printek) and Fei Yeung Union jointly for SPT printhead specially. With raw materials imported from Ciba and Claent at 7-8 level light fastness, ground to nano level and double filtered to less than 0.45 picometer ,which provides over 1 year outdoor durability.





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